My body – What I don’t allow to be done to me

On myself I don’t allow: touching of the inner labia, the clitoral area or anything done to me internally. Other parts of me off limits are my face, neck, feet and the anal area. In general on my own body I only allow soft, slow and gentle touch.

Your body – What I won’t do to your body

Anal/prostate massage is not on offer as part of the mutual sessions at the moment.

No fetish/kink

I will not engage in any fetish, role-play, bondage, domination (verbal or physical) or inflict pain.

No special attire requests

I will also not wear any lingerie or cater to any requests for me to dress a certain way for when I arrive at the start of our appointment as that is just not “me”. I will arrive dressed in casual/sportswear.

A final note…

Just in case there is any confusion, I would like to make it clear that I am not an escort. There is nothing more “for sale” here than acts involving the use of hands or Body to Body massage.

My sessions require me to put a great deal of trust in the person I am sharing them with and I will not hesitate to instantly walk out of a session with anyone not respecting my boundaries.