Mutual Sensual Touch sessions

These are fun and relaxed guided Mutual Sensual Touch sessions where we both relax naked together chatting and touching each other. The goal is to enjoy giving and recieving touch for a period of time without rushing to orgasm. Sensual Massage and Body to Body from me to you is part of the session at times and at other times I will be simply sitting or lying next to you while slowly moving my hands across various parts of your body during which time you will be welcome to do the same to me. The aim is for you to orgasm towards the end of the session.

Although the sessions are guided by me from start to finish I like to frame things in a way that we are both equal partners in this and have clear communication about preferences and boundaries of how we touch each other at all times.

Where I will touch you:

Chest, back, buttocks, thighs, stomach, penis, balls and premium

Where you may touch me:

Chest, buttocks, back, thighs, stomach, outer labia

What I don’t allow:

On myself I don’t allow: touching of the inner labia or anything done to me internally. I only allow myself to be touched in a gentle manner and don’t allow hard or fast rubbing on any part of my body at any point during the session.

My sessions require me to put a great deal of trust in the person I am sharing them with and I will not hesitate to instantly walk out of a session with anyone not respecting my boundaries.